Innovation Award

Congratulations to 2020's Innovation Award winner - Randy Sunderman, VP Information Technology, Heartland Co-op! Learn about Randy's innovation here

The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovation in the application of advanced business computing technology to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, or promote business excellence.

Innovation Award Details

Student Innovation Award

The Student Innovation Award recognizes innovation in Information Systems, Enterprise Computing, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related concentration. Applicable to students and recent graduates enrolled in one of the aforementioned programs or a related concentration, this award affords the winner an opportunity to immerse themselves in four days of IT education on some of the latest topics presented by authorities in the industry. 

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Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations Kim Greene on receiving the 2020 Distinguished Service Award!

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a volunteer’s continued dedication and service to the growth and development of the COMMON organization. To foster the unique honor of the award, the number presented at each Annual Meeting is limited.

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