IT Executive Conference

IT Executive Conference

September 10, 2020 | 12pm - 4pm CT | VirtualITEC20_Logo_Blueback.jpg

For the first time ever, the IT Executive Conference (ITEC) has gone virtual!

ITEC was created with the needs of IT managers and decision makers – like you – in mind, providing you with content and insight on leading topics that impact your business.  With a focus on strategic issues, you can hear from, and network with, IBM executives, industry recognized experts and peers on how to maximize your IT investment.

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Session Topics and Agenda

Over the course of one afternoon, you'll be able to learn gain insight on three important topics that impact your current and future business. This will be followed up by a networking session to continue the conversation.

IBM Executive Session

Steve Sibley, VP, Power Systems Offering Management, IBM

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

ITEC kicks-off with Steve Sibley, VP, IBM Power Systems, providing an IBM business update and discussing the direction of the platform. This will be an interactive session that will focus on forward-looking technologies and solutions, and how they will impact your business and IT investment. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to interact an IBM executive and have your questions answered, while gaining knowledge about the future of IBM technologies.

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Cloud - Security, Privacy, Availability and Who Owns the Data

Dimitrios Pendarakis, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Security Officer, IBM Cognitive Systems
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

The cloud is a mystery for many. In this session, Dimitrios Pendarakis will pull back the curtain to explain the answers to such questions as:

  • Is the cloud secure
  • How available is the cloud?
  • How do I protect the privacy of my data?
  • In fact, who even owns the data in the cloud?

Learn the intricacies of cloud and how to include it in your IT strategy. The interactive session also invites you to express your needs and desires for future development of Power Systems and IBM Cloud offerings.

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Top 5 Security Issues Facing Organizations Today

Carol Woodbury, President and CTO, DXR Security
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT

Regardless of the technology in use - IBM i, Windows, Linux, etc - and whether this technology runs on prem or in the cloud or both, at least five common issues face all organizations today.  During this session Carol will raise your awareness of these issues by describing them and talking through the considerations you‘ll want to make to address them.

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Networking Hour

Virtual Networking with IBM Executives, Speakers and Peers
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CT

IT Executive Conference Pricing

Standard Rates

Individual Registration Rates

  • $395 - COMMON Member
  • $445 - Non-member

Who Should Attend?

The IT Executive Conference is designed for senior-level managers and executives within their organizations, and who want to maximize their investment in IBM Power Systems. Due to the peer-to-peer nature of this conference, and shared best practices, we encourage like-minded executives to attend so that you may learn more about topics that affect your business and your career.

This conference is not for analysts and venture capitalists, in addition to sales, marketing and consulting staff from non-sponsoring vendor companies.

Why Attend the IT Executive Conference?

This is the most valuable conference I attend each year. I always take away at least one action item to try and implement over the next 12 months. The interaction with my peers helps to confirm or redirect my future efforts.

– 2019 Attendee

“First, the ITEC focuses predominantly, not exclusively, on IBM i activities, so it is “made to order” for those of us who use the “i” to help manage our enterprises and our IT activities.

Second, because it really is an “Executive Conference”, it is pegged at a higher level than, say, the gritty details of programming. Rather, it is aimed at considerations of the strategic uses of IT – how IT, and the “i” help senior management run business and educational institutions with the best technology tools available, and how the “i” is integrated into systems with other hardware and software products.

Third, ITEC brings together a group of business executives who have technology as part of their backgrounds, and as part of their responsibilities, so the back-and-forth exchanges of information and experiences are often as beneficial as the briefings we participants receive from IBM executives and technology experts. Also, depending on timing of announcements, we participants may receive confidential information regarding IBM future plans, which can help us shape our own IT planning activities.”

– Stanley Kritzik, Managing Partner, Metropolitan Associates