Incredible i Show Podcast


Join Peg Tuttle and Tony Turetsky as they sit down with IBM i users and professionals to chat about your favorite IT system. Hear from innovators, thought leaders, and everyday users about how they run the i in their shops and what this powerful platform has allowed them to accomplish in their business.

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Meet the Hosts!

Peg Tuttle

Peg has spent 35+ years in the IBM i community. Throughout her career she has assisted IBM i shops, matching them with solutions focused on operations, security, disaster recovery, high availability, change management, and more. When she is not traveling or sailing, Peg excels in networking and building long-term relationships with colleagues and clients while working from her home office in Minnesota.


Tony Turetsky

Tony Turetsky is a Software Developer from Long Island, NY. After graduating from the Flatiron School’s Web Development Bootcamp, he joined PC Richard & Sons and has been working on the IBM i platform for 2 years. In April of 2020, he was recognized as a Fresh Face of IBM by IBM Power Systems Magazine. He is an advocate for modern programming paradigms and open source technologies within the IBM i ecosystem. Outside of his day job Tony is a father, a husband, and a self proclaimed "huge nerd."